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Broker/Owner Tim Agnello's Commercial Credentials

  • Fiduciary experience managing real estate/finances for multiple clients.
  • Certified Property Manager, Institute of Real Estate Management.
  • M.S. in Engineering Geology with emphasis on construction and land use/site assessment.
  • Working knowledge of Geographical Informational Systems (GIS) and site location analysis.
  • See the credentials page for more details.
Tesoro Realty, Inc.

Property Management Services

Photo of an Apartment

Tesoro Realty, Inc. is prepared to manage all aspects of your commercial real estate operations.

I’m trained and experienced in handling the full range of property management tasks with skills that encompass the financial, administrative, legal, social, economic and physical areas essential to property performance. These skills apply to all types of properties, including office buildings, shopping centers, apartments, condominiums, single family housing, and industrial property.

My property management experience includes procuring tenants and negotiating leases, supervising maintenance and improvements, handling routine finances, and monitoring the value of assets. As a Certified Property Manager, you can be assured that you will receive top-notch management services.

Tesoro Realty, Inc. Advantages

  • Direct contact with principal broker/owner.
  • Residential and Commercial Asset Management.
  • Secure contractor bids and oversee monthly maintenance.
  • Repair and maintenance cost containment.